Kung Fu,

the chinese form of self defence takes in a certain exceptionel postion under the styles of martial arts, because it contains the weak as well at the hard elements and is inserted in the chinese complete view of the human being.

The monks, who got a high acqaintance with the inner connexions of human being, took care of furthering all aspects in like manner. Because of their strong realtionship with nature and the observation of the animals they recognized, that some animals embodied these aspects in a stronger way.

So through imitating the movements and the kind of fighting of these animals they created a method, whitch until today is known as "Five Animals Of Shaolin". Thes animals are tiger, crane, dragon, leopard and snake.

Hung Gar is one of the few Kung-Fu-Styles, which keeps on teaching these method still unchanged . It makes it possible for each human being to profit from this treasure without any restriction of age, civilization and culture

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