Key Account Management is clearly more than only sale.

The akquisition of a big client (Key Account) has to be done with big care and consequence. Over an entrance with a contact person, who is interested in my product portfolio, I will get the access to the Key Account. I use this entrance, to get interested as much other contact persons of this Key Account as possible for my product portfolio.

This happens as well in the breadth, namely I will make dates with much more other contact persons, who might be interested in my product portfolio. This can absolutely happen with the help of the first contact person, who gives me the suitable names.

But this happens as well in the vertical, namely I will make dates with deciders, who are not only making decisions but are as well always interested in what my company does, what goals it has and how I can help the client to achieve strategic arms with my product portfolio.

The concrete goal has to be "a part of the family". This means, that if there are decisisons to be made or orders to be conferred, I will be the first, who comes into question for these orders because of the confidence, I developped.

I made use of this principle with great success at several Key Accounts.